Butterfly GP tonight

While Fledermaus has been taking most of time, I’ve also been busy with Madama Butterfly, in which I play Prince Yamadori – it is small (in terms of time on stage) part in Act II. It’s quite strange to have only been at few rehearsals, not only because it’s a small part, but because this is a Wiederaufnahme – a revival of production mounted in this theatre before. It means the rehearsals are run by the Hausspielleiter (the person who overseas such re-mounts) and as it’s been done before, it’s about copying what’s written in the stage manager’s copy. There’s a very different energy, as there’s really not the same kind of forging of characters and scenes as with a new production, and there’s no risk of it not ‘working’ (as is sometimes the worry of a director the first time his concept gets to a rehearsal with the set and costumes). It feels very much more like just doing a job.

Having said that, I am really looking forward to the General Probe (Final Dress rehearsal) tonight, after yesterday’s stage and orchestra. The soloists are very fine indeed, and I must say I feel a little nervous having to come on after Butterfly’s famous aria ‘un bel di‘ (one fine day) sung gloriously for us by Melba Ramos .

(The photo is of our production, but from a previous performance several years ago)

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