Fledermaus #4.0

After the Piano Dress rehearsal (Klavier HauptprobeKHP) last week, where we ran the piece with original costumes for the time, we had almost a week of Stage & Orchestra (B├╝hne Orchester – BO) rehearsals, which are on the stage, with the orchestra but without costumes. These rehearsals belong primarily to the conductor, and are used to sort out not only musical issues, but any issues that might arise from the staging in relation to the music. Dialogues are skipped in these rehearsals. Then comes two final rehearsals where everything is brought together: lighting, constumes, staing, dialogue orchestra. Last night was the Orchestral Dress Rehearsal (Orchester HauptprobeOHP) and this evening is the General Dress (GeneralprobeGP). As we are double cast, the cast who will perform Saturday’s Opening Night (Premiere) do the GP, while the second cast, of which I am a part, took the OHP. This means that there is now ten days between my final rehearsal and my first performance! But everything clicked in to place last night, and I’m sure that my ‘premiere’ and debut in the role of Falke on the 4th of December go very well. I’m looking forward to seeing the GP tonight.

Once the show opens I’ll hopefully be able to put some photos up!

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