Opera News Viaggio review

Our Viaggio got a review in US magazine Opera News (a slightly modified review by the same writer is also in this month’s Opera, a UK magazine).

The latest continental production of Viaggio, unveiled in mid-February at the State Theater Nürnberg, is by far the funniest opera performance experienced by yours truly for many a month…

Everyone involved — singers, musicians, dancers, supers and technicians — seemed to be having an exceedingly good time. The score was electrifyingly realized by conductor Sebastian Kennerknecht, who gave us Rossini at his irresistible, fizzy best, so rollicking that one can hardly sit still.

And if the standard of singing in Nürnberg did not quite match that ideal Pesaro cast of 1984, it tickled our ears, starting with Melanie Hirsch’s fruity mezzo Maddalena, followed by Nicolai Karnolsky’s pompous announcement as Don Prudenzio, “Oggi il bagno non si prende.” The fun continued with Heidi Elisabeth Meier’s affirmations as Madame Cortese, Leah Gondon as Contessa di Folleville (here made up to look like the English Queen) and Vladislav Solodyakin as Barone di Trombonok, who was joined in the bewitching sestetto by Saeyoung Kim’s Don Profondo, Andrew Finden’s Don Alvaro, Anna Lapkovskaja’s Marchesa Melibea and Martin Nyvall’s Conte di Libenskopf. In a class of her own is Hrachuhi Bassenez as Corinna, the harp-playing poetess (like Carla Bruni competing at the European Song Contest). Kurt Schober was the tragic English Lord Sidney, Mark Adler the smart French Cavaliere Belfiore, and Rüdiger Krehbiel was Antonio, the maitre d’hotel. It was a folie of mad people, but they were all charming. They infected us with their craziness, so that we all left the theater after two and a half hours not as “Mastersingers” but as “Madmen” of Nürnberg.

Comparisons to Leo Nucci aside, not a bad write-up!

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